Thursday, February 24, 2011

24 HITOP-More Pics

Some random pics from Slater Fletcher in the pit area. It seems like my pit table garners a bit of attention. It's like a grocery store.

Sunset on Friday evening before the nasty winds/rain came.

Solo alley.

The Hemperley/Pace pit.

Adam Pace looking warm and cozy. It was almost 1pm and it seemed cold. I'm certainly happy after completing my race.

Almost done. Going out for lap 13.

Slater and Monique happy to be racing in the duo class. Last minute racing for them. Slater broke his rear derailleur and ended up running a lap. He is an Ultraman top finisher. Bad ass.

Grocery store is open. I only used about 1/10th of food/drinks I brought.

Getting it all ready.

Monique clowning around. The new 5 hour energy spokesperson.

More Monique having fun.

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