Tuesday, February 1, 2011

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo-The Count Down

The insanity that fills my head has been going on for some time now contemplating my next race; The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. My head spins with all types of emotions when I think of this event. It is near and dear to me (sappy I know); this will be my 8th year to race this event (4 person single speed win 2004) with this being my 7th solo outing. Where does all the time go as it just seems like yesterday I started thinking about this race with lots of time to prepare way back in November. Well, preparing is almost complete (more bags of blood booster are on there way, think plastics) and it will be game on in 2.5 weeks out in the desert north of Tucson, AZ. I've trained hard and done what 'I' think is needed to do well. As usual the competition will be stiff and I need to get my head straight as far as my strategy goes; make it through the night without burning out premature as I have successfully done the past 2 years. Ever since my best showing in the solo single speed class at The Old Pueblo in 2008, a 2nd place finish I have been on a downward spiral in the 24 hour race events. I've said it before and I will say it again; I'm turning this boat in the right direction. I may be getting older but obviously not wiser as I go out hard; try to keep in the front and crash and burn at around 2am. I will keep my head straight; I will keep my plan intact (repeat); when that shotgun sounds off at 12 noon on February 19th the mad dash to the bikes will commence and time to turn laps for 24 hours. Few scenarios compare to be at that start line and hear that shotgun go off. The adrenaline spikes through the roof, you run down that sandy, dusty road with great effort amidst the chaos of hundreds of racers to find your faithful steed that will carry you through the next 24 hours. Failure is not an option this time. Not this time. Not this time! Not this time!!!! The insanity continues..................


The Durango Kid said...

I'm thinking 24-hour racing is a metaphor of my life; Going in circles! LOL!

Shannon said...

Just came across your blog, I envy your dedication to training!

I am the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Bicycle Light division here at Baja Designs. I would imagine you have your lights pretty squared away by now but if not, we'll be at the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo and I'll have plenty of spare batteries/tech support for our solo riders. (I will also have a couple of kegs of beer but you may want to wait till after the race)

We have a Pro Support program so if you need bright and very reliable lights we have them. Let me know if that would be something you'd like to check out and I'll fill you in on the details.


Shannon Scott

Tim said...

Strong showing at the 24HOP. I met you at the Quadruple Bypass ride. (I was on the orange Sir9 rigid 29er SS)

And RICO, the town with 120 Dogs and cats. (approx) I knew I remembered that town from somewhere! http://soaztim.blogspot.com/2007/09/how-colorado-tride-to-kill-me-part-1.html

Keep on truckin,