Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Hundy

My January goal for cycling miles is 600+ so I needed a big ride Saturday as I was sitting at 460 miles as of Friday night. A majority of my January miles have been on the single speed cross bike and running a 42x18 and sometimes a 17. A good gear for me for the most part for winter training. I opted to go over to Montrose and ride with TR as the roads are dry and the weather was looking good. There is so many roads between Montrose and Grand Junction; just pick a direction and get as many miles as you want. Incredible gravel grinding routes mixed with asphalt. The route was a perfect hundy when said and done when arriving back at TR's house. We rode toward Colona looped around on the east side of Montrose and rode gravel on Peach Valley Rd, over to Eckert, to Delta and Olathe area and back to the west side of Montrose. Not much traffic for the most part and saw only 2 others out riding. I need 36 miles today to get over 600 miles and I plan on doing some climbing miles and some hill repeats at Lizard Head on the single speed.

Peach Valley Road.

Grinding our way towards the Grand Mesa.

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