Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sedona Weekend

I was looking for a warmer climate to camp and ride in so we travelled down to Sedona for the long holiday weekend. We chose to look for some new camping places and picked the area south of Village of Oak Creek on Beaverhead Flat Road to explore for some fine camping. There is some great primitive camping a few miles into Beaverhead Flat Road and we find an ideal spot to park the van and set up camp. There are many forest service roads in this area. It was our first time to use the Rhino Rack Awning system besides me setting it up in the garage. It is much easier to use than an ez up and stores right on the van via attachments for the Yakima poles. Ingenious!! Also, with the nearly full size bed built in the van now it is a great camping vehicle. Laura loves it. We brought the mountain bikes and the cross bikes to mix up the riding. I didn't get in nearly all the miles I wanted but still had a great time. We also rode some new trails close by that I haven't yet ridden and some are meant for hiking only. Hot Loop Trail is one in my opinion. Kel Fox Trail is a great connector trail from our camping area and drops you down to what the locals call the Easter Egg house and than ride some pavement to get to Bell Rock Pathway to access the other trails.


Kel Fox Trail.

A nice watering hole on the Hot Loop Trail.

Laura navigating the Kel Fox trail.

Thats all for now. Keep pedaling or moving........................