Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SnowShoe Fun with the Dawgs

I had Monday off of work so I made a trek to Cortez to grocery shop. Living in a remote area such as Rico you have to make do without most amenities that you folks in bigger towns have right around the corner. I had brought my cyclocross bike but the roads to my surprise were in far worse conditions than up in Rico. I decided not to ride and go back to Rico and take the dogs on a snowshoe hike. The beauty of living here is if so chose you will not see a human being at all. Pick the right area and go where no one has been since the snows have fallen. Today's choice was Ryman Creek. I considered this day to be my 'off' day of working out and still burned a fair amount of calories busting trail with the dawgs. Paradise is where we live and it surely has it's trials and burdens but I wouldn't live anywhere else for the time being. No stop lights, no pollution and no crowded roads and trails.

Nacho checking out the tree well area.

Lucy and Shady having a ball in the powder.

Sorrel's and MSR snowshoes are perfect for this type of snow hiking.

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