Sunday, January 2, 2011

Damn it's Cold!

I awoke to a temperature of -16 degrees on Saturday morning. My thoughts were if it warmed up above 15 degrees or more I was going for a snow packed cyclocross ride. When I left the house it actually was up to 29 degrees (that's a short window of temp highs around here) and when I returned an hour and a half later it was well under 20 degrees. I went south on highway 145 as Lizard Head to the North was sure to be a bit colder and descending in the shadow of the mountains back into Rico makes it even that much more frigid. I pedaled 24.5 miles and the 42x18 gear ratio was good for the slow snowy packed roads. My new Swix gloves and new Specialized Defroster winter cycling shoes were the ticket in these conditions. If Sunday is the same weather I'm going back out again. I need to get a snowshoe or run squeezed in as well. I'm slowly embracing the snow sports but I have only done one snowshoe run and one night xc skiing. I have a long winter to work into. Maybe some skinning on the tele's will be good as well.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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