Monday, January 24, 2011

Quadruple Bypass

The opportunity came up to go back to Arizona this past weekend and ride the Quadruple Bypass Race/Ride. An underground type race that puts you over 4 passes in the Scottsdale/McDowell Park area of Phoenix. It was my first time down to ride this one and knew it would be a great early season effort. I had ridden most of the terrain we were to cover on this day with Shawn Gregory back in November. TR Larson came down with me as well as he is one not to miss a big fun ride. About 30+ riders showed up for this suffer fest. The mileage wasn't all that great with 34 miles but the elevation gain was around 7k for that short distance. TR, myself and Dave Brudette crushed the course in 4 hours and 44 minutes and set a new course record that had saw a previous record of just over 5 hours. Dave did have a flat tire at the end of Windgate and opted to ride it in on the flat. That rider I am told was on a geared bike. TR and I were on singles running a 32x20 gearing and Dave was on a Turner 5 spot FS. A 21 tooth would have been nice at times. Dave can downhill like a goat on wheels. Truly amazing skills. I was setting tempo for the most part with TR on my wheel and Dave right behind as we crushed the uphills. The route had us going over Windgate Pass to Bell Pass over to Sunrise Pass and dropping to the McDowell Park side to ride around and back over Windgate Pass and back to the Basha's parking lot in Scottsdale where we had started. The weather was perfect with temps in the 70's. Looking forward to more Arizona riding in February.
Quote from the MTBR Forum from a fellow rider: "Those two doods from Colorado just made us look silly finishing the ride in sumpin like 4:40"

All pictures below are poached from the MTBR thread. Thank you fellow riders for taking the time to stop and take pics as my head was buried hustling along.

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