Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

It's now 2011 and new goals and new adventures await. I'm not one to sit down and recap every moment of the previous years adventures. If I did recap every adventure I would end up with a book or writings and I'm just not a big writer. I had a great year of riding and enjoyed most every moment while on the bike. Doing a quick review of my cycling miles I tallied over 6000 miles on the bikes. The majority of those miles were on my single speed mountain bike. This year I suspect to have much more as I plan on doing some bigger adventures which will include multi day biking events. My goal for January will be 600 miles of base miles, core body workouts, lots of xc skiing, snowshoeing and running. I ended 2010 with 502 miles in December alone which included turning the cranks on the trainer and outside riding. The first race of 2011 will be the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo in February; one of favorites. March will bring two endurance events and a couple of 12 hour races after. In May I plan on tackling the Grand Loop Race. It will be my first multi day race (3 days approximately) which will require me to carry more gear than I have previously ever carried. I havent bike packed at all and I am super interested in getting into these type of events.

Let the fun begin in 2011.

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