Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

A great weekend. Spent lots of time around the house prepping for Old Pueblo. I needed to seriously taper down so I didn't do anything crazy as far as big miles and got out for a 50 miler down to West Fork and back on the highway with the SS cross bike and Sunday I did an easy cruise on the Vassago for another 13.5 miles to spin the legs out. I have 300 miles in the legs in the past 14 days and felt it a bit on the 50 miler. Need to rest. I drank some beer and ate pretty good. The weight is where I need it at 140. I may dip down to 138 but 140 feels just right for me. My coach tells me the same.

I spent a few hours prepping the Airborne (primary race bike) and Vassago (backup). Headsets and cranks, etc came off so I could re grease all moving parts and filled all the tires with new Stan's sealer. 6 tires takes a bit of time. Yes, I had to do Laura's as well. Took out the spare tubes in the seat bag and checked for leaks and sure enough the one I have been carrying on the Airborne had a hole. Always inflate the tubes every so often especially before the big rides. This time I placed the tubes in a plastic bag and ensured that the multi tools are not rubbing up on the tubes. I also weighed my bikes and found the Airborne to be 23.6 lbs. Not too bad for a Ti frame and heavy Mary bars. I could lose some weight if I ran carbon bars but the Mary's do well for me. Clarence bars are on the Vassago are just right and it weighs 23 lbs with the White Brothers carbon rigid fork and 2.3 Spez Eskars. The Airborne I chose to keep on the Maxxis Ignitors as they have been performing well and will save the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs for later in the race season.

Cleaned out the bike tool bag. Had lots of crap I didn't need in it.

Trying to decide what to bring. Fuck it. It all goes!

My top secret peanut butter mix that Laura has been fine tuning for me. I will have 6 of these tubes filled up for the 24 hour race.

Awesome blue bird day on Saturday. The Bar Mitts are awesome when it is 20 degrees out. I can wear lightweight winter gloves and the hands do not overheat.


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