Monday, February 7, 2011


Moab was on tap for the weekend as I wanted time on the mountain bike before Old Pueblo. Forecast called for snow/rain but we took the chance and it paid off. It was cold and windy and the forecast for snow/rain never came and the sun was out for a majority of the weekend. The lows were around 20 degrees and the high might have hit 50 or so at best but with the wind chill added in it was probably closer to 40 or colder. Good enough for me to ride in. Laura wasn't feeling the love in the cold and opted out of riding. I was able to fit in two good rides in the Sovereign area which happens to be my favorite area to camp and ride in as you can add miles all day long without driving anywhere. Copper Ridge Road was a bit mucky on Saturday as I rode out to Klondike Bluffs but with the exception of a few snowy sections the overall riding was great. I saw two riders on Saturday and one on Sunday. It's nice having the trails to yourself. A friend of ours; Scott from Montrose was in Moab and came over on Saturday night to camp with us and we had a good time drinking beer around the campfire and Laura grilled up some tasty elk burgers and steak fries. Yummy!

And as usual I didn't take the regular camera and opted to use the Crackberry for my picture taking. Better than nothing.

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