Monday, September 20, 2010

12 Hours Behind the Prison

The 12 Hours Behind the Prison was a fun filled weekend of riding but the turn out once again was sad. Not sure what it is about the turnout; mismanaged marketing or people are down on riding some primitive double track. It is truly a great course for this type of event. Some good climbing and varying terrain that throws some fun at you and even a short hike-a-bike to boot. The views of the Grand Mesa and of the Escalante Canyon are amazing. 15 miles and 1600 feet of climbing for each lap. I wanted a fast lap and my first lap was a fast 1:04 which was 10 minutes faster than last years fastest lap effort. The sharp rocks took its toll on at least 3 of the racers. The duo team had at least 2 sliced tires on their effort. TR cut his tire on his 1st lap and had to run a mile back to the transition which by the time I finished my 2nd lap going on 3 he was finally starting his 2nd lap so my only competition was down a lap early on. I punctured my front Schwalbe on the first lap but it sealed up after awhile so I had no worries at all. TR and I ended up riding together the remainder of the race. I easily won the overall with 7 laps; TR with 6 laps. Without the heat and wind an 8 lap or even a 9 lap performance would have happened. The 100 degree heat was brutal and the head wind on the 4 mile climb at the start wasn't much fun at all through out the day. Laura knocked out 4 laps and won her female solo effort. A good training day. The legs felt last weekends Vapor Trail effort.

TR, Laura and myself happy to be finished and to get out of the heat.

TR and I finishing our last lap together looking rather relaxed.

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