Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall in Rico

The official first of day of Fall and I kicked it off with a run up Barlow Creek Road after work for 2.5 miles with a round trip of 5 miles and 650 feet of climbing. Barlow is nicely situated 6.5 miles North of Rico and makes for a nice stop on the way home. I enjoy running at times this time of year when the biking time is limited. The legs felt tired as I have not rested much in the past few weeks. I wanted to test the new Solomon XA Pro 3D Ultra Goretex runners out. They feel pretty good and they are nice and warm. They should be nice this winter when I'm out running in the snow and snowshoe running.

View looking down Barlow toward the Lizard Head Peak area. Not sure what peak this is.

The new runners. Kevlar quicklace tensioning system is a nice feature.

The serious runners face. And yes, I run mostly in cycling clothing. Dual purpose.

Barlow Lake


Matt said...

Nice set of kickers there! I'm liking that quick lace idea, but I'm also hoping someday running shoes may follow the cycling shoe formap like a good set of Sidis. Laces make the top of the arch too tight but do not tighten down on the lower part of the foot like a good pair of cycling shoes do. What is the tread like on those things?

Jeff Hemperley said...

Matt, the quicklace idea is great and I have them on both of my new kickers. My others are the Vasque with what they call the BOA lace system. The tread on the Solomons are pretty agressive. I beleive the Specilaized cycling shoes have a similiar system as the BOA lace system. Great for trail running and they worked well in the soft gravel/mud conditions on Barlow that night.