Monday, September 27, 2010

And Another...Perfect Fall Day

The leaves are falling and soon the snow will be falling but in the meantime I certainly love the warm fall temps we have recently been presented with. After doing the local Rico Fun Run which raised money for the local school Sunday morning.....and yes I took 1st. Add that to the resume!! LOL!! It was a fun run but still a race for a few of us. Laura and I got out for a small ride after we chopped wood for a few hours. Laura was excited to try out her newly revamped singlespeed that I transformed into a 69er with a Surly rigid fork and a 7" disc in the front. So far so good. She loves it.

The Vassago Jabberwocky with Soma Fabrications Clarence Bars and Ergon grips.

The KHS Solo One now a 69er. Yes, it is a pivotless softail.

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