Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Moab Epic

Another great weekend in Rabbit Valley and  Moab for some good hard miles. TR and I went over to Rabbit Valley on Thursday night to ride the Zion Curtain/Western Rim/Koko Trail. We racked up 31 miles and 3K+ feet of climbing. We ran into Ryan Douglas, Jon and Joey on the Zion Curtain and rode with them for the remainder of the day. Than we cruised over to Moab on Friday night to camp and meet up with Shawn Gregory and Kiviok on Saturday morning to ride a mini epic.Flats Pass/Behind the Rocks/Hunter Canyon back to town via Kane Creek Road. 42 miles and 4200 feet of climbing. We were looking to ride Moab Rim and Hidden Valley but time was getting away from us as Hunter Canyon took longer than anticipated. It was a great ride with expected sand along the route.

Also Laura got on her new 1x9 29er Vassago BAndersnatch and rode the Brand trails. I think we have a convert to 29ers. She loved it. Very awesome.

Sedona Big Friggin Loop is next on tap on March 19th. I should be nice and tired for this one.

On the Zion Curtain.

Zion Curtain Trail looking toward Rabbit Valley and KT route.

TR, Jon, Ryan and Joey on Western Rim.

Motor bike down the cliff. Rider was OK as he had bailed off the bike before it went down 50 feet.They were trying to evac it out.

Gourmet Turkey burger with mozz cheese, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Camping cooking at it finest.

Colorado River along Kane Creek

Shawn, TR, myself and Kiviok ready for another beat down.

Typical Kiviok and mechanicals. Cleat screw gone. Shawn is looking flustered.

Micro biotic crust. Stay off.

Instead of petroglyphs that use to exist now it is a bunch of freaking idiots names scribed into the sandstone. People are retarded.

Dumb asses.

Looking to the LA Sals from Flats Pass route. Flats Pass is not flat. Give it a whirl.

Hunter Canyon scenery. Just amazing.

Shawn trying to figure out our next move.

Me and Kiv on the Pridgett route before turning on Hunter Canyon.

Hunter Canyon trail. Not so bike friendly in spots.

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