Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moab Ride Invite

Anybody is invited to ride along this weekend on a monster loop North of Moab on Saturday March 5th. Start time is 5.30am at the Sovereign TH (yes you will need lights for the beginning and the end depending on your ride time) located on Willow Springs Road. We will be following a loop that I have done twice that covers both sides of highway 191. If anybody is interested shoot me an email; jeffnlaura2001@hotmail.com. Preferred bikes are single speeds and strong legs.

Rough description of route:
Sovereign trails to Mill Canyon Road, Seven Mile Rim Road, Wipe out Hill, cross 313 to Deal Breaker, Gemini Bridges Road, Metal Masher, Little Canyon Rim, Bull Canyon to Golden Spike and either continue on to Poison Spider to Potash and back to start via bike path/Brand Trails or back track back down to Gemini Bridges road and out to 191 and back to Sovereign TH. Self supported ride. About 8-12 hours and anywhere from 60ish to 90ish miles with many bail out options available. Recommended map is Latitude 40 Moab West topo map.

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