Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More of the same....Moab

Another long weekend in Moab after TR and I made the decision to bail on the Sedona Not so Big Friggin Loop. Just not worth the drive to ride 35 miles. I cannot get enough of Moab it seems lately so it was an easy choice to go back for the third wekend in a row. Maybe we need to buy a house there. That would cover us in three states. We have the place in Vegas already, a mountain home in Rico and a place in Moab. Sounds good to me.
Anyways the weather was far from ideal and I felt terrible due to my allergies kicking my butt for a few days. Thursday was a bust as the weather in Rabbit Valley was bad and Moab wasn't good either. Friday we met up with Fred W. and rode Moab Rim>Hidden Valley>Pipedream and back to the Moab Rim trailhead. A nice loop with 2 hours of solid pedaling. Pipe dream is a new trail and worth riding. Hidden Valley from Moab Rim was pretty cool as well and new terrain to me. Laura and the kids came over on Friday night as well as Paul Adams and we camped again on Willow Springs road. Saturday we rode the usual Sovereign trails over to Klondike/Baby Steps and back to the Sovereign area to ride some sandy 4x4 roads back to camp. It was a 4 hour ride with lots of wind in our face on the way back to camp. Laura did her own thing and rode her newly built Vassago Bandersnatch. She is loving it. Sunday was a short ball buster of a ride on the Brand Trails. There is a new trail that connects Lazy E to Bar B trail called Deadmans. TR, Paul and I hammered the loop with lots of high intesnity involved. My HR was hitting almost 180 on sections of the trail.

 Cruising along the Colorado River on our way to Moab from Rabbit Valley.

 Van Nation in Moab. Notice the arch in the background. That is Poison Spider up on that mesa as I have seen the arch from above. The van is great for long weekends. The built in bed is awesome and makes it easier to go places and have a comfy sleeping experience. TR has a true conversion van with mood lights inside.

Camped off of Willow Springs Road. Found a great spot with awesome views.

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