Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phil's World Weekend

It was a nice weekend to stay local and go ride Phil's World down in Cortez. Training was to be multi laps on Saturday with a  few guys from the area; Kiviok, Jeff Fox and Paul Adams. 4 laps on the race loop resulting in 65 miles and 5500 feet of climbing in 5 hours and 42 minutes. Kiviok was on fire and set a mean tempo the whole time. He is addicted to the 29er single speed. I easily forget how hard those laps are until you do a few. Mitch Fedak started off with us and it was good to see him for a few minutes.
Went back down on Sunday with Laura and did a nice recovery ride on the race loop. I think the weather scared everybody off as there was only 7 cars in the parking lot. I had Monday off and rode 21 miles at a nice tempo on the JabberWocky full rigid. Laura received her new Stan's wheel set from the bike shop on Saturday. Stan's Crest rims with the new Stan's 3.30 hubs. Pretty sweet wheel set for the price. She dropped 3 pounds off of the new build. Now a respectable 25 pounds for a steel 1x9. She loving it.

 Laura negotiating the Elbow section at Phil's on Sunday.

Laura's Bandersnatch and my Jabberwocky.

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