Monday, May 17, 2010

Boggy Draw Riding

After a demoralizing DNF attempt at the KTR I was able to get some good miles in Sunday riding the single speed cross bike from Rico to Boggy Draw located outside of Dolores and jumping on the single speed mountain bike. Laura and Sophia were going riding at Boggy so my bike was transported to the trailhead and I was able to get a ride in with Shawn and bust out 20 miles of sweet singletrack. Wet in a few places but overall great early season riding in the Ponderosa's. Heading down on Wednesday to ride the total loop. Hopefully the weather keeps nice.

Shawn looking perplexed.

My fully rigid Vassago single speed. A carbon Bontrager Switchblade rigid fork up front while my White Brothers Magic is being repaired.

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