Saturday, May 22, 2010

Palisade Bike Classic-1st Single Speeder

It was a battle royal in the single speed class for the overall but I played my cards right and took 1st place over some super strong young competition. And for my efforts I won a White Brothers Rock Solid 29er carbon rigid fork. Score!!!!
The course was a tough one with 35 miles and 4800 feet of climbing and the wind was a constant 30mph through out the course. The climbs suited me more so with the long sustained grinds. It started off with nearly 13-15 miles of uphill and a knarly river crossing at the top. Than a 1/2 mile of a hike-a-bike through some slimy clay and than a few miles of some crazy techy descent. After the descent I lost contact with Will and he was going hard in the flats with the bigger gear. I rode a 32x20 which was a good call as Will in 2nd place was trying to push a 32x18 which took it's toll on him on the last climb over Horse Mtn. and where I caught back on after pushing through the headwinds by myself for nearly an hour. Mentally I could have checked out and just cruised for 2nd but I pushed hard hoping I would be able to reel him in and my perseverance paid off. I took a fall on the asphalt in some pea gravel at the end as I was hauling the mail fast; too fast; and knew I was going down. Jacked up my hand and hip a bit but all is good. 1st is great!!! I felt good the whole time with the legs never feeling tired.
Hopefully I can get some photos of the race.

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