Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phil's World and Snakes, Oh My!!

I had Wednesday off this week and went down to Cortez to ride a bit. This little guy got my attention real quick on the Stinking Springs initial climb. I thought I was about to run over a rattle snake but turned out to be a scary looking bull snake of some sorts. I bunny hopped over him and all I could think of at the time is that I might get bitten. I'm plenty paranoid of rattlers from living in Las Vegas where the deadly Mojave Greens and nasty little Sidewinders are abundant. I have been stricken at twice and seen them too many times to count on the Cottonwood trails out by Blue Diamond.


ojulius said...

I ran over one of those during the race! I didn't see it until right before I rolled and screamed like crazy. I hear you can roll over them and they'll usually be just fine. I just didn't want to get bitten either. :)

Jeff Hemperley said...

Jeni, defintely scary seeing a sanke at the last minute. I might have hit him with my rear wheel but he seemed fine.