Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rico Locals Loop

The snow cleared out and the sun shined so it was time to ride the Rico Locals loop on Monday afternoon. It is a nice loop that a few of us locals have put together over time and it has evolved nicely with 1180 feet of climbing and more if you want it. It is about 8-10 miles long and you can always add more mileage along with more climbing. Takes less than an hour if you are moving quick. It is comprised of mostly old mining roads, some private land and some sweet single track through the aspen and spruce. The nice thing about it is it it right outside my door and I hit single track coming back to my house.

The new White Brothers Rock Solid carbon fork rode sweet on its maiden voyage.

Some nice mining roads with casual climbing grades.

The overlook above Rico. To this point I have climbed 820 feet from the house.

Sweet single track going back to my house.

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