Monday, May 31, 2010

Kokopelli Ride

KTR Redo. After our miserable muddy effort at the KTR on May 15th Shawn Gregory and I decided to give it a go again and ride from Fruita to Moab. This was my 4th Kokopelli effort and now have done it both directions twice. The weather was supremely perfect and the creeks had just enough water to filter from. Laura dropped us off at the Loma trailhead and we started pedaling at midnight on Saturday night. No mechanicals and just great riding.
Stats: 142 (GPS stated 137) miles, 16,300 elevation gain. 18 hours 49 minutes to finish. Bike ridden; single speed 29 with 32x20 gear ratio. Filtered water from 3 creeks.

The morning sun finally after being in the dark for 6 hours.

Shawn refilling his water bottle.

The mighty Colorado.

Where is the trail???

Shawn cruising along the Colorado early in the morning.

Great views in the Yellow Jacket Canyon area on our way to Dewey Bridge.

Yellow Jacket Canyon area.

Dewey Bridge. Gone after a young kid burned it down.

This is the creek we filtered from in Entrada Bluffs.

Entrada Bluffs.

Shawn grinding up the monster climb from Dewey Bridge into the Entrada Bluffs.

The daunting climb out on the Cottonwood Canyon RD area after descending the techy Rose Garden Hill area.

Far away from our goal. La Sal Mountains.

The descent from Rose Garden Hill onto Cottonwood Canyon Rd.

Great views atop the Beaver Mesa area.

Shawn filtering water from Fischer Creek. We still had some monster climbs in front of us before the 20 mile descent into Sand Flats.

Shawn grinding up Castleton Gateway Rd. The climbing seemed to never stop.

View from Castleton Gateway Rd.

Finally downhill to Sandflats Rd. The La Sals now in the background.

Shawn happy to be going downhill for once after the hard effort up the La Sal Loop Road which we both hammered up without stopping at all. Hard on the knees on the singlespeeds.

Two happy riders to see Laura at the Slickrock Trailhead with cold beers and some nice finishing prizes from Gearheads. Thanks honey!!!! Next stop was Moab Brewery.

The bike setup....AY Up lighting system. Garmin 705 GPS system. External battery charger to recharge the GPS. Dual feed bag to make eating easier on the trail. I have this system down to a science and works well on the long enduro stuff.

THE bike....Airborne 29er Titanium single speed. 32x20 gearing.

First time I tried this but McDonald's hamburgers seem to work great for on the trail feeding. Thanks Shawn for the suggestion. We both chowed down three of them during the ride. Could of ate more. The funny thing is I rarely eat fast food but it does seem to have a place in the world; endurance riding.


Matt said...

Awesome work! Congrats you two on the finish and the deep sun tan (burn?). ;-)

My old enduro buddy Walt used to bring cheeseurgers on ride...he'd pull them out one, by one and each time he pulled one out, you felt foolish for bringing gels and powders.

ssportsman said...

hi jeff

fantastic write-up and ride!

question, could you send me some more info on your recharging set-up for your Garmin? Emily is struggling with options to recharge hers during the CTR

Jeff Hemperley said...

Thanks Matt and Scott. Defintely burgers on any self supported endro ride will be on the menu going forward. The external battery charging is made by Duracell.Em could carry muliples of these or carry one that takes replaceable batteries (recommended). The one I have charges via USB and charged up my GPS 50%.

Joe B said...

Nice write up and photos. I'd love to do this ride with you one of these years. Love the new van.